HPL – High
Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminate, also known as HPL is a durable, decorative surface made from layers of kraft paper and a decorative layer with a special overlay. These papers are pressed together using thermosetting resins and high pressure. HPLs can be produced in various thicknesses and bonded to many different substrates, making them an ideal decorative choice for a wide range of applications from kitchen worktops and fascia’s to toilet cubicles and vanity units.

HPL – High Pressure Laminate

Slotex HPL is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 0.8mm. The standard size of our HPL sheets is 3050mm x 1320mm. However, our HPLs can be produced on a continuous press giving us the advantage to increase or decrease the length to suit our clients specifications. All of our HPL’s are post form capable to a 3mm radius.


Moisture resistance

Corrosion resistant

Resistant to household chemicals - easy to clean

Hygienic - resistance to dirt

Increased wear and impact resistance due to corundum overlay

Possible decors for this product

Wilson Oak

8093/P Wilson Oak

Bunratty Oak

3829/NW Bunratty Oak

Sonoma Oak Truffle

3229/SC Sonoma Oak Truffle

Carpenter Oak Dark

7122/NW Carpenter Oak Dark

Indian Rosewood

3247/P Indian Rosewood

Sonoma Oak Light

3230/MW Sonoma Oak Light

Provence Oak

3856/RW Provence Oak


3854/7 Berlin

Painted Pine

8124/BW Painted Pine

Corsica Oak

3852 Corsica Oak


3854 Berlin


1111/Q White


1021/Q Black

Arctic White

1100 Arctic White


1021 Black

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