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Our decorative surfaces – HPL Corundum and Mobius integrate high performance without compromising on quality or style. Our various on-trend decors and finishes ensure there is a decor to match any environment, allowing them to be the focal point of a design or the finishing touch to a project.

The technology applied to our products enables the surfaces to be attractive and durable. The products in each group are built to last and are constructed to be resistant to heat, abrasions and water. Slotex HPL Corundum and Mobius can be post-formed, allowing these hard-wearing surfaces to be priced competitively and produced efficiently.

Designs include warm natural woodgrains, modern unique natural stones and ultra on-trend absolute matte decors, which run throughout our product ranges.

HPL SPab Antibacterial

safety without compromise

Our HPL Spab is of superior performance that is achieved with the help of a special overlay, reinforced with Corundum. As a result, this range of HPL has increased damage resistance properties.

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