HPL Corundum

design & durability

HPL Corundum is of superior performance that is achieved with the help of a special overlay, reinforced with Corundum. HPL Corundum is 4.5 times more resistant to abrasion than standard HPL. As a result, this range of High Pressure Laminates has increased damage resistance properties.

Corundum laminates are all post form capable, making it suitable for multi-use, high-volume environments that require a constant, brand-new feel. Available in a range of woodgrain, stone, fantasy and unicolour decors the Corundum collection brings design and durability to the surface.

Wilson Oak

8093/P Wilson Oak

Bunratty Oak

3829/NW Bunratty Oak

Sonoma Oak Truffle

3229/SC Sonoma Oak Truffle

Carpenter Oak Dark

7122/NW Carpenter Oak Dark

Indian Rosewood

3247/P Indian Rosewood

Provence Oak

3856/RW Provence Oak


3854/7 Berlin

Painted Pine

8124/BW Painted Pine


1111/Q White


1021/Q Black


2926/A Naples


2927/Q Verona

Grey Granite

5035/Q Grey Granite


2326/R Vintage

Active Marble

5055/A Active Marble

Ankara Marble

2343/A Ankara Marble

Azurita White

8110/PT Azurita White


8063/Q Volcano

Mystic Grey

8129/PT Mystic Grey

Blue Amazonite

8103/PT Blue Amazonite

Breccia Capraia

8130/6 Breccia Capraia

Black de Oro

8105/PT Black de Oro

Black Quartzite

8113/R Black Quartzite

Electric Quartzite

8107/PT Electric Quartzite


4901/6 Bronze


5020/PT Kyoto


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