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Our range of decors not only look exceptional but are durable and made to perform in the real world. Surfaces do not require a bond to edge, allowing for maximum versatility as well as being cost-effective. Our decors are suitable for a range of environments, whether it be for commercial or domestic use.


Both our Corundum and Mobius decors are ideal for use as kitchen worktops, door fascias, splashbacks, upstands, and other surfaces in kitchen environments.

Corundum is a hardwearing laminate five times more resistant to scratching and abrasions than a regular EN 438 compliant laminate. It is also post-form capable to a 3mm radius which means the usual extra cost of edging is not required.

Mobius is a super matt laminate that, like Corundum, is post-form capable to a 3mm radius. This super matt laminate is anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant. Its unique wet and dry heat-resistant properties allow hot pans to touch the surface without causing harm. Mobius is available in woodgrains as well as, stone, fantasy and unicolours

Public spaces

Public spaces need tough yet aesthetically pleasing laminates.

Corundum is a hard-wearing laminate with aluminium oxide in the resin, making it tougher than the standard compliant laminates. It is ideal for work surfaces, tabletops, desks and interior doors. This high-performance laminate can be cut to form any shape.

Mobius is ideal for vanity units, desks, tabletops, lockers, cubicles, interior doors and walls and much more. Mobius makes an area look smart and on-trend. It is immune to fingerprints and remains visibly clean in high-use areas. It is robust and resists scratches and abrasions. Small scratches are simply removed with a soft, damp cloth. The super matt finish provides a great depth of colour. As with the Corundum, Mobius can be cut to any shape and is post-form capable to a 3mm radius.

Living spaces

Areas that people in a home environment use frequently need to be both stylish and durable. Our two products meet both of these requirements.

Corundum is perfect in bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, home gyms and bedrooms. It is ideal for vanity units, desks, tabletops, cabinets, interior doors, wardrobes, shelving and much more. Corundum is five times tougher than a standard EN 438 compliant laminate. The colour range available for Corundum blends with contemporary and traditional styles.

Mobius is a super matt laminate that stops reflections and glare. Mobius is available in a range of wood grains, stone, fantasy and unicolours. Mobius is ideal for vanity units, desks, tabletops, cabinets, interior doors, wardrobes and shelving throughout the home.



Gone are the days when offices were simply practical. A great work environment is often part of the lure for employees. Our two decors help facilitate a stylish environment combined with durability and cost savings.

Corundum can handle a post-form 3mm radius which means the usual extra cost of edging is not required. It is hard-wearing due to its corundum additive overlay and will not fade with constant use and cleaning. Office equipment, coffee mugs, bags and general wear and tear will not impact the look of Corundum.

Mobius is super matt and super stylish. It is available in a range of woodgrains, stone, fantasy and unicolours. Its anti-fingerprint surface provides a constant clean look. Scratches can be removed by using a soft, damp cloth. Ink and permanent markers can be removed with a small amount of acetone.


With our products and decors practically, anything is possible. Apart from the usages above, our decors are used in schools, furniture manufacture, shipbuilding, hospitability, public transport and vehicles, leisure, travel, retail and exhibition environments. The list is endless.

Our decors are scratch-resistant and tough. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be cut to any shape.

They can feature a 3mm post-form radius, so edging is not required, which saves on costs.

Corundum is five times tougher than standard laminates and is available in wood grains, unicolours and natural stone finishes.

Mobius is super matt and resists fingerprints. The decors feature wood grain, stone, fantasy and unicolours. Any minor scratches wipe away.



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