A High Performance Laminate with antibacterial properties. A special antibacterial substance is added prior to the Corundum overlay which provides a safer, cleaner, and more hygienic environment than regular High Performance Laminate. Available in all Corundum decors.

Anti-bac HPL

Anti-bac HPL maintains its antibacterial properties at a high level in any conditions, including humid and dry environments and where surfaces need to be tough and hardwearing. The Corundum layer protects the antibacterial surface from scratches and excessive wear. This Anti-bac HPL maintains antibacterial properties throughout the product’s lifetime.

Hygienic surfaces for your leisure activities

Reliable surfaces for your cooking

Safe environment in high-traffic areas

Eco-friendly environment for your children

Best solution to maintain clean, sustainable and healthy environment.

In compliance with ISO 22196

Very high resistance to external impacts in terms of active operation.

Life expectancy.

Suitable for contact with food.

Possible decors for this product

Wilson Oak

8093/P Wilson Oak

Bunratty Oak

3829/NW Bunratty Oak

Sonoma Oak Truffle

3229/SC Sonoma Oak Truffle

Carpenter Oak Dark

7122/NW Carpenter Oak Dark

Indian Rosewood

3247/P Indian Rosewood

Provence Oak

3856/RW Provence Oak


3854/7 Berlin

Painted Pine

8124/BW Painted Pine


1111/Q White


1021/Q Black


2926/A Naples


2927/Q Verona

Grey Granite

5035/Q Grey Granite


2326/R Vintage

Active Marble

5055/A Active Marble

Ankara Marble

2343/A Ankara Marble

Azurita White

8110/PT Azurita White


8063/Q Volcano

Mystic Grey

8129/PT Mystic Grey

Blue Amazonite

8103/PT Blue Amazonite

Breccia Capraia

8130/6 Breccia Capraia

Black de Oro

8105/PT Black de Oro

Black Quartzite

8113/R Black Quartzite

Electric Quartzite

8107/PT Electric Quartzite


4901/6 Bronze


5020/PT Kyoto

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